Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Outdoor spots we like in Provo

I love spending all the time that I can outside. We have really enjoyed some of the parks and paths we have in Provo. The weather staying pretty nice all winter, but the spring weather has been even better. We have had a lot of rain in Utah (after such a dry winter) so everything is much more green than usual (for the desert, of course). Any other questions about the weather?

If you live in Provo, Lion's Park is a great park. A river, lots of fields, some bridges and rocks make for a good time, if you're like Hazel and just want to throw rocks in the river all day.

Paul Ream Wilderness Park is another good one, with a duck pond, river and some forest. Hazel like to explore these things (and, let's be honest, trash) better than play structures, so she loves it.

Hiking the Y with Kendra!

I love the Burley Bee Bike Trailer. It took us a long time to decide between a front-of-bike bike seat or a trailer and I'm so glad we got a trailer. Hazel loves it and it's nice to be able to ride down to Utah Lake every week and check out the cows, snakes, horses, birds, bugs and ducks, all on a beautiful path along the river.

One of the days I was working from home, Hazel needed a break to go outside. she was still in her pajamas so we just played in the backyard. 

After we came inside, she laid down by the open front door with some dandelions and blankets.

Have you ever wanted to swim in a pool of ice cream or something like that? I think that's how Hazel feels about this park, since she gets to roll around in the bark, which she also seems to enjoy eating.

Watch out.

Utah Lake is sort of gross, but it's beautiful to look at. Inside Utah Lake State Park, you can ride out onto a dirt path that extends out onto the lake. People fish for channel catfish on both sides and it offers a great view while surrounded by the water.

We found the friendliest dog, Aspen, (and her owner) out on the lake one day. Hazel did not want to leave her side and just walked around with her hand in Aspen's fur. Haze cried when we left.

We're lucky to live close to the river, so it's easy to get to our standby parks.


  1. i'm glad i have another way to look at hazel and see what she's up to.

    1. That's basically her point in doing all of this. Oh, you thought I was behind this blog? Nope, Hazel is a writing and photo-uploading prodigy.