Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fripp Island, South Carolina beaches

Chris' Oma and Opa live on a small island in South Carolina, Fripp Island. During our visit this summer we spent a lot of time at the beach. The water is warm, the slope of the beach into the water is very gradual and the sand is soft, making it easy for Hazel to play and have fun. She loved it. On Sunday morning we planned to go to church before we flew out and Hazel woke me and Chris up by rolling each of us over, saying "Beach?" I love my little Hazel and we such a good time. Looking at the pictures makes me wish we were back at the beach.

Jewel, Oma, Heidi and Hazel

It was so hot and muggy that our lens kept fogging up the whole time we were on our trip.

Before we even made it down to the water...

Loves digging.

Heading down for some girls' beach time.

Always finding sticks everywhere.

Oh, these two.

All the sticks!

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