Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thanksgiving and BYU-Cal Berkeley game!

We headed out to the Bay Area to go to the BYU-Cal Berkeley game, which we were really excited about, then less excited as the season progressed, then... it's a surprise! Keep reading to find out how the game went. We were out in California for Thanksgiving and got to spend some time with Hazel's favorite peeps.

We took this picture with the plan to send out a Christmas card. Don't worry about the fact that you didn't get one. It's because we never sent any. Or even made an e-version to post on social media (which was plan B).

Only calm at the Thanksgiving table if Uncle Casey would hold her. And feed her candy, probably.

We went to the Cabot Science and Space Center in Oakland with Mike and Jewel. Hazel was really into the black hole exhibit. Don't fall in!

Mike and Jewel also witnessed Hazel's first ice cream cone, which was really mine, but her little tongue power-licked it all down, so unlucky for me. That honey-something flavor would have been really memorable had I tasted it. Chris, however, is holding that video hostage on his phone, where he keeps all of the photos and videos I try to nicely ask him to share with me.

True fans. We even braved the Cal section for the game, which led to some extra-good times.

Loved sitting with Grandma.

Someone had to teach her the fight song. Which we sang at each touchdown. Which we had more of than Cal. We won! Go Cougars!

Hazel really likes the Wheatleys, especially Lisa's bling.