Thursday, October 29, 2015

Summer fun

Now that it has cooled off, we're missing summer a little. But the fall is so beautiful and it's nice to not sweat through every item of clothing, so hopefully our autumn will last longer than the usual four or five days.

Here are one million pictures of the world's cutest daughter I have ever had.

Can't believe how big this little girl is getting.

Hazel loves the Goodnight Our World books. This one is "Goodnight California" and she likes pointing to Grandpa on the page about Silicon Valley computer scientists.

Reading is #1.


And hiking shoes...

Might be cooler than I am. 

The outdoor pool closed just before Labor Day and it's the worst.

Uncle Matt, Hazel and Uncle Matt's grandbaby Anna. It's always so fun to see family and friends that visit Utah in the summer. Hazel was pretty comfortable with Matt. Likely because of the resemblance to her own Grandpa.

She looked in the hair at her curls (from little piggy buns all day) and said "Grandma." She also kept calling a guy with curly hair next to us the Costco food court "Grandma" one time.

Practicing the piano. We're really working hard on her marketable skills.

More trying on someone else's shoes.

Our reading nook.

Maybe she'll be an architect or contractor.

Or she'll work at Supersonic Carwash. She loves washing the car.

I feel guilty but I usually enjoy when she's sick for the first day because she cuddles me. Then I miss her spicy personality.

Two babies going down for naptime.



Walking sticks.

This cat tra

Showing off her piggy buns. This girl gets real picky about how her hair is done. Usually she prefers the homeless look.

Sometimes you just gotta take a rest with your baby.

"Picture, please!"

Showing Dolly how to read.

Uh, Haze and rabbit riding a dragon that roars.


Needed a rain jacket but not shoes I guess. Can't say that wasn't my fault.

Cars might be her favorite things

If you made it all the way to this picture you probably feel about the same way. Like you need a rest.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Watching movies

I'm working on getting Hazel interested in watching movies. She doesn't really last long watching any movie or show, but I'm looking for excuses to cuddle and something to do when I work late and she isn't in bed yet. And for when it starts getting dark at 2 pm. It still takes us a week to finish a Disney movie, but thanks to snacks it's starting to work.

She likes to have all the pillows.