Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hazel Alene, Heidi Alene and Daddy Lene

I just love this girl. She has recently learned that her name is Hazel Alene and that I'm Heidi Alene. So now she also calls Chris "Daddy Lene."

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Timpanogos Caves

We hiked Timpanogos Caves with Andy, Jon and Lily this summer and loved it. It's a fun, short hike up to the caves and really fun to walk through and learn about the caves. The photos are all out of order but you know, that keeps it real exciting.

Cool kids eat applesauce.

Family photos while waiting for our tour.

The exit out of the caves.


Standing on the edge over part of American Fork Canyon.

Posing inside the caves on the wet steps.

Always such beautiful views in the mountains in Utah.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Cousins in town

This summer we were lucky to spend a little time with my cousins when they came in town. Hazel's second cousins make fun playmates for her and she talks about Damon, Tate, Shae and Presley all the time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hiking Stewart Falls

We were excited to realize that Stewart Falls is included in the National Parks Pass. The pass includes everything in American Fork Canyon as well as Stewart Falls a a few other hikes that you can access from AF Canyon and Provo Canyon. We headed up past Sundance to hike Stewart Falls this summer. It's one of my favorite easy hikes because of the shade and water, even though it's usually pretty crowded. There are always lots of dogs so Hazel was happy the whole time.

Checking out bugs.

These cool kids.

Hazel loves getting in the water.

Then she just wants to throw rocks forever. For ever.

Family pic in front of the fall, like everybody else.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Anniversary in Park City

For our anniversary, Chris and I went up to Deer Valley to stay at the Westgate with a great deal. My mom came out and stayed the night with Hazel, which was a treat for both of them.

We had fun just hiking around the ski trails at Canyons Resort. It's fun to see it during the summer. I had never been up there except in the winter.

We had dinner at Handle, which was good, if not a little hipster and priced for it.

Before my mom came, Hazel had to pose with her babies, because she was excited to show them to her grandma.

Picking pears in the yard during my mom's visit.

Obviously Hazel wasn't worried about us leaving, since she only wants her grandma when she's around.

Again, jellies with jammies.

It was so fun to spend the night in Park City with Chris and know we didn't have to worry about Hazel at all. She sure loves her grandma and relishes the time they spend together.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Triple A and the kids

My Aunt Amanda (or Triple A for "Almost Aunt Amanda," coined prior to her and Uncle Tom marrying) and her kids visited us in Provo on Pioneer Day. Amanda wanted to celebrate the Utah holiday in style so we went to the Pioneer Day festival at Provo Pioneer Village. There were animals to pet, pioneer games to play, booths with "pioneer" wares and shaved ice (so we can remember why we are grateful the pioneers crossed the plains and made it to the dessert and even began irrigating it and everything). In reality, I am really grateful for the Mormon pioneers who settled Utah and other pioneers and adventurers who traveled to the U.S., across the U.S. and began settling in the west. I love California and Utah and owe a lot to pioneers.

Hazel had a ton of fun with my cousins, Amanda's kids. She has one Hazel's age and the others a little older, so Hazel had fun tagging along.

A little nervous and in love with the sheep.

Little goats.


Every time Hazel sees this picture, she laughs and laughs and asks for her cousins. She calls all four of the kids "Miles" when she talks about them.

Little blondies.

Playing pioneer games.

We were looking for shade every chance we had. It was a hot day.

A lollipop given to Hazel and a duck stolen by Hazel.

Hazel loved trying to play with Little P's crossbow.