Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The outdoor pool is open!

I'm so glad the outdoor pool at the Provo Recreation Center is open. We love that we can use the indoor pool year-round. We go a couple of times a week and Chris and I take turns swimming laps and playing with Hazel and usually take her another time just to play. The best part about the outside pool opening up is the water slide area. There are two big water slides that we're allowed to go on with Hazel so we get to all have a good time. And then Hazel gets wrapped up in a towel and looks cuter than a burrito on Fast Sunday.

One of her rare cuddly times is right after she's wrapped up in a towel.

We really only have towel pictures because we're too busy having fun the rest of the time.

One hot dog and one grilled chicken breast to fuel up for swimming, please.

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