Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buchart Gardens, Victoria, B.C.

When we were in Vancouver, Chris Pfaffroth and I also went out to Buchart Gardens in Victoria. The word I would use to describe Buchart is picturesque. I have seen lovelier, wilder and more interesting gardens, but Buchart is very well-manicured and richly planted with lovely colors that are pleasing to eye. I think it is quite nice that they represent different country and culture in the gardensa Japanese Bonsai garden, and English rose gardens for example. There are so many different kinds of roses. As it turns out, I love the Manou Meilland rose of France. Such a color! Look at it online, but know it is more vibrant and pretty in real life. Amazing grace, it made me like pink! I say, go!

Oh look, still eating my gelato. The gelato was found in the Italian gardens. I like Italy.

If I were a photographer, you would be impressed by these pretty dahlias.

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