Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I work like it's my job.

I have a most excellent internship at the BYU Law School. I am lucky. Most PR interns spend their time doing menial tasks and writing press releases. Someone has to write the press releases, and writing is fun and it is good experience and these people become adept and turning out these articles. However, I am grateful that I get to write press releases AND spend time planning. I love strategic planning. We have autonomy here and lots of freedom to accomplish assignments. I do good, better work with some freedom because we all work differently and we should foster growth by inviting people to work in such a way as to develop their natural abilities instead of boxing them into other abilities that may not exist for that person. Another reason I am lucky is because I work with neat-o people. We are so good at getting distracted. I love public relations.

These are some of those great people:
super fun mrs boss
emily is good for a good time
mark is gone right now because he's dang smart and i miss him bad
matt makes sure we get paid, and dress right