Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mother's Day

I do enjoy being Hazel's mama and it's always nice to have a reminder of how lucky I am. Since I don't do all of the cooking at home already, I don't care much about having special meals made by someone else for me or breakfast in bed, but we did enjoy the excuse to plan out some tasty things to eat. One of the highlights was that in church, there was a treat for all women, and it included San Pellegrino soda, my favorite! It was Hazel's first week in the nursery, instead of being with me, so I was able to scarf down my candy and soda without spilling, before someone brought me a crying Haze. I did miss being with my own mom, too.

Some of the things I enjoy about Hazel, besides hiking and biking together, which is what I talk about the most:

Hazel likes painting with watercolors, mostly on herself. Seeing her playing with her little watercolor set encourages me to make time to paint (even if I haven't made that time, yet).

Chris used to always bathe Hazel, but with opposite work schedules, I do it some nights. She loves getting wrapped up in a towel and squeezing me. Even though it usually only lasts a second before she throws off the towel to run around naked.

Sometimes Hazel dresses herself in multiple layers of pants.

On days I work from home, I usually work from the couch for a little while when she's getting tired. Hazel watches a show and gradually moves from the couch next to me onto my lap. This is great, since she is not a big cuddler when she is awake.

Working in the backyard. Hazel needed a chair and needed to read PRSA Strategies and Tactics, obviously.

Loves her BYU jersey. Also, I appreciate that Hazel loves the Ikea mice I bought. No one else supported this purchase, but I feel quite validated now that she loves to carry them around.

I hope this means Haze will be an architect/baker.

Lots of people stop us on the street to tell us how cool we are. This is why I'm grateful to be Hazel's mama.

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