Thursday, June 11, 2015

Family Date to the Utah Symphony

Earlier this spring we went on a family date to hear the Utah Symphony. The symphony played the music for an animated "Peter and the Wolf." The Utah Symphony does this type of concert several times a year with other animated shorts or narrated stories. The music was great and the inside of Abravanel Hall is also beautiful. The gold leafing and lights along the balconies look like gold bands with diamonds inset. Hazel enjoyed the music and show, although there were a lot of "Uh oh!" exclamations when something dangerous happened in the animated show.

A violin just Hazel's size on display. This means Aunt Kanani can start teaching Hazel right away.

We headed over to the fountain in City Creek Center afterwards. A sure highlight for water-obsessed Haze.

More stylish than the Anthro couch.

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