Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hike to Silver Lake

The last weekend in June we hiked to Silver Lake in American Fork Canyon. It's 4.4 miles round trip and a really pretty hike. It starts near a lake at Silver Lake Flat and winds through trees, making for nice shade part of the time, and crosses over Silver Creek a few times. Silver Lake is a sub-alpine lake so it's very cold and from the lake is a great view of White Baldy, Timpanogos and other peaks. I last did this hike with some of the Carmacks more than five years ago when we backpacked in a camped at the lake so we could peak several mountains from there. Chris, Hazel and I had a good time.

At the trailhead.

Beautiful views all the way up. Love these mountains.

Haze is a real good time and also very cool.

Made it to Silver Lake.

Family selfie. Will everyone's holiday cards start looking like a variation on this?

At Silver Lake we stopped for dip since it was so hot. Hazel loved the cold, cold water.

And the mud even more.

After our hike we went to the new Culver's to try it out.

This was probably the best part of the Culver's experience. Neither Chris nor I believe in dipping french fries in shakes. It's inappropriate. Hazel started going for it, obviously unprompted, and Chris and I yelled, "No, no no!" She went for it anyway, ate it and triumphantly said, "Yum." We took video as she continued to eat the fries and shake that way. We both feel like failures now.

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