Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bike babies

We love riding our bikes down to Utah Lake State Park. Usually Chris and I take Hazel separately since we work opposite schedules, so Hazel gets a couple trips there each week. Our friends Andy and Lily just got a bike and bike seat so it has been extra fun having buddies to ride with. We usually see snakes, rabbits, cows, horses, bugs, birds and lots of dogs on the trail so it's a real good time for my tiny animal lover. I have discovered it's really hard to avoid running over snakes on a bike with a trailer behind. My guilt for injuring animals is reaching peak levels.

Found out we're going riding so she ran to her room to get ready.

Cool girls just ready for their ride.

A little selfie on our stop to see the cows.

Snacks on snacks on snacks keep them going. They usually prefer the others' snack and make a trade.

I don't know how she has energy for this after a 12-mile ride.

All the toys and all the snacks and all the drinks.

Before we got a trailer or bike seat I was definitely leaning toward a front-mounted bike seat for Hazel. I had read tons of reviews and studies and did a lot of research and felt like it would be safe. After getting to know her personality more, I knew she would need a little more freedom of movement than she could get strapped into a front-seat, so close to me. I am so glad we went with the bike trailer. She can look around, see out the windows and feel the wind still, but can also wiggle around a lot more than she would be able to in a seat. And then, on long rides (since we ride for exercise more than commuting or something), she can eat, read magazines, and if necessary, watch some Sesame Street. My parents bought us the Burley Bee for Christmas and it is a great trailer!

This is why we ride to where we do.

She looks much better than I do after a ride. Sometimes. Sometimes she looks like she was in a food fight (with herself?).

Love it when we do get to ride together.

The promise of the park gets her through the last mile, when I'm usually riding slower than molasses. The hardest thing about riding to and from Utah Lake is that it's slightly downhill to get to the lake from our house. It means that the slight incline on the way back kills me every time.

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