Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sundays, lately

I love Sundays. Since I do part of my work from home, and I never run out of work to do, it's hard for me to separate time out for leisure sometimes. It's easy to schedule in working out and certain activities with Hazel, but it's so different to have time to just hang out. On Sundays I don't work so it is so nice to just hang out with Chris and Hazel. We do things like go on walks and just relax at the park.

Hazel loves throwing rocks in the river. Never wants to stop.

A small stream goes through Lion's Park near our house.

After church.

Straight home into the dirt.

Out for a walk while Hazel was probably sleeping in the stroller.

A little picnic in Lion's Park.

Get that camera out of my face when I'm eating.

Feeding me picnic foods.

Hazel is into climbing into the cargo basket in the bottom of the stroller. She sometimes gets stuck in there.

Whenever Chris offers to give Hazel a ride, she asks for a hippo ride.

One of Haze's favorite bridges for throwing rocks.

Watching one of our beautiful sunsets.

Refusing to leave the park...

Hazel loves wearing her church shoes on Sundays. She gets excited to go to nursery and see the teachers she loves. She got to wear her new dress and hair clips from Hawaii before it got too cold.

And then she threw a fit when I got in her photo.

One Sunday when we were walking to church, someone, seeing Hazel holding dandelions, in our congregation came out and picked a rose for Hazel. She left the dandelions on the sidewalk, said bye to them and walked off with her rose.

Love these mountains.

Looking for rocks.


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