Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hazel and Lily

Hazel and Lily are best buds. They are growing up together. Lily's mom used to babysit Hazel so they were each others' first (non-parent/grandparent/relative) friends. They went from being jealous and crying when the other was held to actually playing together.

Although it's still rare, Lily may be the only person Hazel chooses to share things with.

Just popped her water into the cup holder and hopped into Lily's car the second we arrive.

Pulling Lily's wagon at the park.

Water fountain?

Holding hands!

We were at the Nike outlet store and Hazel found the shoes that Lily has. She walked around the store saying "Lily. Lily. Lily."

Just partying during a BYU football game at NuSkin, where Andy works.

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