Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Maui, Hawaii

In August we went to Maui with my parents and siblings. We had so much fun spending a week with everyone. We ended up spending all our time at the pool, snorkeling, walking and relaxing. Oh, and eating. It was great to just have a week off. We didn't work at all. I loved spending the week with my brothers and Hazel was just in heaven with her grandparents and uncles and also sugar and "juicie" and snow cones every day.

Someone was a little grouchy for family photo time before church.

We went out a snorkeling boat tour. It was fun and Hazel was enjoying just being wrapped up like a burrito here.

Hey, man.

Grandma and Hazel learning to hula at a luau.

Haze liked the fire dancers.

These two, always looking for excuses to dance.

Uncle Casey was complimented on his cute kid.

Oh you know, just helping with a bag at the airport.

Lots of shoulder rides.

Just partying.

Snuggling in Grandma and Grandpa's room.

The men went golfing at the course at the resort.

Beautiful sunsets, obviously.

Surfing class.

When we got home, she packed up and dressed to go back.

We had so much fun! Ready to go back...

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