Thursday, April 16, 2015


We had such a warm winter this year that spring feels almost the same. We love to be outside.

I was trying to show Hazel this flower, but she's all about rocks.

We may have pulled up some of last year's carrots prepping for this year.

Most pictures I have of Hazel are from this angle. It's hard to get photos of anything but her running around, nice and blurry.

Unless she's sleeping.

We're lucky to live just a short bike ride from cows, horses, snakes, ducks, many different birds, rabbits and more.

The dirt at the top of the Y is Hazel's favorite part of hiking. She likes to lay down on her front and make a version of a dirt angel.

Just enjoying the open door and a flower when we're inside.

Interested in everything.

Getting better and jumping up and down on the wobbly bridge every time we visit the park.

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