Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter in California

We went to California for Easter and spent time with my parents and Casey and Chris' mom Vicki and Mike and Jewel. It was a fun, quick weekend trip.

Everywhere we go (and at home) she wants her own chair. As sad as I'll be to start paying for her ticket when she's no longer a lap child, Hazel will be in heaven.

She just wanted to roll the suitcases all day. When it became too crowded for her to roll it, she settled for riding on top.

Hiking St. Joe's in Los Gatos is one of my favorite things to do when I visit my parents. Hiking in shade is quite the novelty when you live in Utah.

Of course, Hazel loves the little chair my dad just had to buy. This was during our barbecue with Chris' mom, Mike and Jewel.

So fun to be with cousins!

A new necklace from Aunt Michelle and new outfit from the Uncle-Tom-Carmacks meant it was time for layering.

She was definitely not interested in finding anything else during the egg hunt once she opened an egg full of jelly beans.

Hiding behind the hot tub because we wouldn't stop trying to get her to put stuff in her basket...


Happy Easter!

Easter egg hunt photos by Tom Carmack. Bottom family photo by Phil Carmack.

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