Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Hazel!

Hazel turned one! It was back on her birthday that this happened, which was a while before I am actually writing this. Maybe I'll backdate this post so it looks like I wrote this around her actual birthday. Here are a few pictures of Little Hazey that help illustrate what she's like.

On her actual birthday. I remembered to take a family photo, but we were all a little hangry.

Loves reading books, but has to turn the pages, or else book closed, it's all over.

Showing her grandma the baby doll (from Grandma...) after opening her birthday gifts.

At one year old, you wouldn't know that she's tiny for her age if you catch me holding her, as we look about the same size...

Beginning to learn how to relax on the couch with the help of Baby Einstein's First Signs.

Likes to push the stroller, which gets tiring, except for the person riding in it.

Has figured out the most fun way to ride in a shopping card. Also the most dangerous (maybe except (PSA!) putting a carseat that seems like it fits on top of a shopping cart up there, which should never happen!).

"Oh hey, today I turned one."

At one, Hazel is the queen of the table, whenever there is a table."

Has learned the skill of carrying three important food items at once.

Learning to work out. Thanks to Uncle Spencer for the workout gear.

Just kidding, this isn't Hazel. It's me. Just trying to show her what she has to look forward to in about six months (including the hair barrette and dress, which I have, waiting for her. I'll ask my mom about whether she has the shoes still...).

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