Sunday, October 5, 2014

Swimming all summer

Hazel loves swimming. She keeps saying it's not quite the same as swimming on Kauai, but our Provo Recreation Center passes were an excellent choice, since Hazel had six pools and four water slides to choose from all summer. The outside pools are closed now, but she's still loving the indoor pools.
First time swimming she was really into kicking. Still is. Which came first, the kicking or the strong legs? We may never know.

First time in the pool, at good old Forest Park Cabana Club.

Loved chasing her new rubber ducky around the pool in Kauai.

Not swimming, exactly, but prepping by eating sand.

A quick selfie during lunch.

She goes crazy every time we go to the fountain in the City Creek shopping center.

We got to go swimming with our cousins this summer!

And this buddy was not going to let her fall over when he was tasked with holding her during photos.

Tired out from swimming with Uncle Spencer in St. George.

Swimming in the bath is a little more limited, but the laps go by much more quickly.

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