Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

We visited Wilkerson Farm on Saturday to pick out some pumpkins. Hazel climbed the hay and pumpkin stack, ate some hay and enjoyed a wagon ride. Usually she only gets wagon rides at her babysitter's so this was a real treat. Plus, there were pumpkins inside and she got to pick one out just her size. I mean, she tried to pick one out the same size as her but couldn't pick it up, so she picked one out that was the smallest of them all, sort of like how she is smallest of them all.

Just offering me some of her dried-cornstalk-lunch.

I think she understands how self-timer photos work because she looked away just in time, every time.

I warned her about not breaking off that perfect curly stem.

Oh my parents are vegetables? Whatever.

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