Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How To Butcher A Chicken

On Sunday, I invited Kelsey and Kendra over for dinner to show off my domestic skills: I baked bread and roasted a whole chicken. Now, this was my first time roasting a chicken, but I have been preparing for years, because my aunts love to suggest roasting a whole chicken as an economical meal for a dinner party (it's always a dinner PARTY when the K's come). Ina Garten also helped prepare me because she recently showed me how to carve a chicken. I even asked my mom a few more questions when she was visiting the few days before (Do you usually roast it covered or uncovered? What if I don't have a roasting pan?). However, I was unprepared for came out of the sealed plastic bag that encased my whole chicken. NO ONE PREPARED ME FOR A NECK. Luckily, we have the interweb, so I googled "Chicken remove neck" and was led to this: Thank goodness for those who blog about things they know about this. So now I am blogging about this blog that I know about, in case any one else needs any of the steps for chicken preparing. (It turned out delicious, rosemary infused and moist.)

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  1. One of the best roasted chicken dinners in my life. Really though. And you might've been able to tell by the "mmmmm, this is amazing, mmmmmmmm, so good Heidi, mmmmm" noises I was making. I meant it :) I'm glad that if I ever need to cook a roasted chicken I am warned about the neck and the idea to use tongs for everything. Good job Heidi.