Thursday, May 26, 2011

As Good a Thing as a Road Trip

The first time I ever drove on the freeway was with my dad. In fact, this was also the first time I drove outside the Quince Street chapel parking lot. I was to practice driving, as I had a permit to drive, 15.5 years old, and as I drove around SC, he suggested we get on the freeway. I trusted this was a good idea, as I trust my father, not blindly, or he was perfect, but because I have always known that he knows me: my best interests, my limits and my potential. So I drove onto the on-ramp at Lawrence and I drove onto the freeway. He suggested a Road Trip to Stanford, and I drove us there and we went and strolled a bit and I drove back and had to remember to slow down when I got off the freeway.

Now, you see, a Road Trip is a good thing. This is what he taught me. Driving to places far was not simply a chore because someone lived far, but when it was us, me and him, he called it a Road Trip and it immediately became a thing to want to do. And there are few things as good as a thing as a Road Trip.

Before I became able to participate in the driving during a Road Trip, we Road Tripped to Fresno to see GA. When I learned to drive we Road Tripped to Stanford. Then, after I graduated high school and it came time to go away, my dad was there for a Road Trip. When I came back from Chicago and it was time to go back to P, UT, I was pleased to find that he still likes this, that he wanted a Road Trip with me. A Road Trip doesn't have to be very far, it just has to be to a place you want to go, or with a person you want to ride with. These are facts (my dad taught me a lot of important Facts, and I will tell you more about those).

So, this is to tell you that Road Trips are quite nice. This is to tell you a thing I learned from my dad. This is to tell you that if I invite you on a Road Trip, it is because there is a place I want to go, or I want to ride in a car with you, but more than likely, it is both.

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