Thursday, August 6, 2015

Anniversary in Park City

For our anniversary, Chris and I went up to Deer Valley to stay at the Westgate with a great deal. My mom came out and stayed the night with Hazel, which was a treat for both of them.

We had fun just hiking around the ski trails at Canyons Resort. It's fun to see it during the summer. I had never been up there except in the winter.

We had dinner at Handle, which was good, if not a little hipster and priced for it.

Before my mom came, Hazel had to pose with her babies, because she was excited to show them to her grandma.

Picking pears in the yard during my mom's visit.

Obviously Hazel wasn't worried about us leaving, since she only wants her grandma when she's around.

Again, jellies with jammies.

It was so fun to spend the night in Park City with Chris and know we didn't have to worry about Hazel at all. She sure loves her grandma and relishes the time they spend together.

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